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[Extention] Tab Revolution


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[Extention] Tab Revolution Empty [Extention] Tab Revolution

Bài gửi by QaniTri 30th January 2018, 20:19

[Extention] Tab Revolution ArznU3k_7RK8h7DR8_F79trcXhFNK23lTV_ufkD00FZojcwXee3DBxn5E9_J9A7QDg_4SS13zg=w640-h400-e365
Tab Revolution allows you to have WORKING tabs in Chrome fullscreen mode!
Chrome extension to show tabs when in fullscreen mode -> Beta Cười tinh ngịch

*** Please reload all your tabs in order to work ***

---- NOTE ----

This extension DOES NOT WORK in the following pages:
- "chrome://"
- "chrome-extension://"
- "https://chrome.google.com/webstore"

----- Thanks ----

v1.1.5 change log:
- Fixed "invalid manifest file"

v1.1.2 change log:
- CSS bug fixes (the "new tab" button was getting behind the scrollbar sometimes)

v1.1 change log:
- click on the little sound icon to mute/unmute a tab

v1.0 change log:
- added a "+" button to create a new tab
- ctrl+L and alt+D (to focus url bar) now work as expected
- right-click menu entries
- duplicate
- pin/unpin tab
- mute/unmute tab
- mute/unmute all other tabs
- close tab
- close all other tabs

v0.8 change log:
- new image, icons, banners, description and stuff Cười tinh ngịch

v0.7 change log:
- you can now close tabs with middle-click (scroll-click)
- fixes so the website css doesn't interfere with the extensions style

v0.6 change log:
- css fixes for a large number of tabs

v0.5 change log:
- Design update
- Close button on each tab
- Auto select everything on click in the URL bar
- Other bug fixes

Repo here: https://github.com/samuthekid/tabrevolution

Install at: Chrome Webstore

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