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How to upload MP3 to Facebook?


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facebook - How to upload MP3 to Facebook? Empty How to upload MP3 to Facebook?

Bài gửi by QaniTri 23rd June 2015, 04:05

facebook - How to upload MP3 to Facebook? Facebookmp3uploadicon

Facebook, with no question, is the most popular social networking site today. With millions of users logging in everyday from all over the world and continuously growing, this is the perfect platform to connect with other people. There’s so many things that this site offers. You can create your profile, add friends and share them various links, status, videos and photos. You can also play games, join groups and send private messages to other users. This site also has its drawbacks. One of these is that it does not allow direct Facebook mp3 upload.
If you have an MP3 file saved on your computer, it is not possible to upload it directly on your Facebook page. You may want to do this if you wish to share a song that you created or share music that you want your friends to check out. There are workarounds on how to share MP3 on your Facebook account.

Two Ways on How to Upload MP3 to Facebook


This is a site that lets you record, upload and share audio files as well as music files. You need to have an account in order to use it. If you do, click log in and enter your username and password. If you do not have an account yet, you can always create one for free by clicking on the sign up link on the log in area. Or you can sign in with Twitter if you got a Twitter account. After logging in with your account, you can start uploading music on the site so you can use it to upload MP3 to Facebook afterwards. This is an easy to use platform making it convenient even for beginners. Here’s how to add files on the site and share them on Facebook.

Steps to upload MP3 on Facebook via Audioboo:

  • Click Record / upload Boo on the Audioboo page after logging in

  • Choose New File Upload

  • Click the Select a file tab and select the MP3 file that you wish to share on Facebook

  • Click Open

  • Click Happy?Add a title to edit the MP3 info

  • Click Publish and start saving your boo

  • The file will show on the page once done uploading

  • Copy the URL of the file on your browser’s address bar

  • Paste it on the status field of your Facebook account the same way as you share other links


Another way to upload MP3 on Facebook is through Soundcloud. You can also sign up for a free account on the page to share music with other users. This is a site where podcast, producers, musicians, artists and audio creators can upload their audios without a cost.

After signing up, click on the upload link to upload your MP3 file on the site. Once done uploading, go to the file that you just uploaded and you will see various options at the bottom of it including the share button. Click on Share and click the icon of the site where you wish to share it. If you want to share it on Facebook, click on the Facebook icon and click Share. If you are already signed in to Facebook, it will be automatically posted on your wall. If not, you will be asked to log in with your account.

Tips on How to Save Audio from Internet

If you find any audio file online that you wish to save on Facebook, you can save it by using Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder. It can record anything that you can hear on your computer, whatever site it may be from. It can also record sound from your microphone. Files are automatically saved to MP3 so there is no need for conversion. You can then use CloudApp or SoundCloud for uploading MP3 to Facebook.
facebook - How to upload MP3 to Facebook? Streamingaudiorecorder

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