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Best Free Window Manager/Resizer/Arranger List

25th June 2018, 10:53 by QaniTri


This is an almost comprehensive list of free utilities that enhance, manage, resize, or arrange windows.

  • Multi-functional Window Management

  • Window Sizing/Arranging Programs

  • Multi-Monitor Programs

  • Smaller Programs


Multi-functional Window Management

These programs usually provide mouse and keyboard shortcuts that perform various window functions like roll up window, make …

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Lazesoft Recovery Suite - Cấp cứu zữ liệu mạnh mẽ nhất - Miễn fí

11th June 2018, 14:17 by QaniTri

Download fiên bản miễn fí

Ưu điểm vượt trội các fần mềm chức năng tương tự khác: Jữ nguyên tên file

Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.2 Home Edition 

  • Lazesoft Recovery My Password Home Edition
  • Lazesoft Data Recovery Home Edition
  • Lazesoft Windows Recovery Home Edition
  • Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition

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[Extention] Facebook video looper

22nd April 2018, 16:10 by QaniTri

Install (HTML5 Video Tag Enhancer) at: Chrome webstore

DragToScroll - Biến chuột phải thành chạm vuốt

20th February 2018, 21:07 by QaniTri


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Google Vietnamese fonts

8th February 2018, 22:28 by QaniTri

Door2Windows appstore

7th February 2018, 18:48 by QaniTri


  • CustomizerGodv1.7.6
  • Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 Start Button Converter
  • Ultimate Icon Converter
  • Windows 7+ Theme Installer
  • Windows 7+ Taskbar Thumbnail Tweaker
  • AeroTouch
  • AutoSaver
  • Invisible Controls Video Player
  • Windows Games Tweaker
  • Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer
  • Windows Close Button Resizer
  • Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer
  • DreamScene Activator
  • Easy File Replacer
  • [url=]Windows …

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[Extention] Tab Revolution

30th January 2018, 20:19 by QaniTri

Tab Revolution allows you to have WORKING tabs in Chrome fullscreen mode!
Chrome extension to show tabs when in fullscreen mode -> Beta Cười tinh ngịch

*** Please reload all your tabs in order to work ***

---- NOTE ----

This extension DOES NOT WORK in the following pages:
- …

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[Extension] AutoHideDownloadsBar

13th January 2018, 16:34 by QaniTri

Install at:

Hide desktop icon text label with Stardock Windows FX

26th November 2017, 23:02 by QaniTri

I am sure you've searched the way to hide the tip to hide icon text label on your desktop but you would find something like rename the icon with alt+255 character.

There I bring to you SWFXv5.1. This program will make you able to hide text label without rename trick even you need hover to view text.


Home …

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