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Nam Libra Monkey
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on 1st August 2015, 00:30
Add Really Cool Cursors To Windows with CursorFX & RealWorld Cursor Editor

Wallpapers are easy to find and make(even in MS Word) nowadays. If you’re the type to crave a new desktop wallpaper every now and then, why not dress up your cursor as well since you probably use and see it more often?
There’s been a few tools we can see from MakeUseOf’s Directory, such as TotallyFreeCursors, but as its libraries are huge, you can also save yourself some time from having to download them individually and install them the traditional way (by right-clicking on the desktop > Personalize > Mouse Pointers). Here are two tremendous (and free!) applications you can use to get some top quality cursors, as well as to create your own from images.

Installing And Importing Cool Cursors With CursorFX

CursorFX (which MakeUseOf has featured before along with other great desktop enhancers) has in all, 13 sets of vector-like cursors in a 14MB download file that you can obtain here. The installation goes without offering any optional toolbars, which is always a plus. Once you run the program, you’ll be greeted with the following cursor sets. Each set is a theme that you can use even without having the program running in the system tray.

If you click on the magnifier icon, you can view additional icons for whenever the cursor’s busy, working in the background, etc.

You can also customize each theme with the built-in cursor editor by clicking on the pencil icon.

You’ll also be able to create cool new cursors from PNG image files by going toFile > New or clicking on New Package back at the main CursorFX window, and then clicking on Import Graphics.

The images might be imported in their original sizes. You can then move around the exact pointer and press Ctrl + E to save and apply the theme.

Even though you don’t need the program running and you’ll still have the cursor on system restart, you can’t end the process for CursorFX in the Task Manager, or else, your cursor will disappear.

This means that if you’re uninstalling the program, in order to make the cursor appear again, you should right-click on the desktop > select Personalize, then click on Mouse Pointers. In the  Mouse Properties dialog box, make sure you have theOK button selected so you can just finish the uninstallation and press Enter when the cursor disappears.

Creating Cool Cursors From Scratch & Images With RealWorld Cursor Editor

At approximately 7MB, the installation file for RealWorld Cursor Editor is smaller than the one for CursorFX. Once you load the program, you will be presented with options to create a new cursor or make a cursor out of an image in PNG, JPG, BMP format (Create From File).

What makes this program different from CursorFX is that this application offers a much more advanced cursor editor, complete with a color palette and layering features that users with artistic skills will find very much like GIMP for cursors.

Since MakeUseOf has a more detailed guide on creating your own cursor, we’ll talk about making a cursor from an image file here.

If you’re choosing to create a cursor from a file, the image selected, unlike CursorFX, will be scaled down to a suitable cursor size (32 x 32), so you don’t need to resize any prospective images. On the right sidebar, you’ll see a box with the imported image, ready for you to position the pointer exactly at the top left of the image.

You can also increase the size of the cursor by heading to Cursor in the menu bar and selecting Change Size.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, press Ctrl + S or head to File in the menu bar and select Save as a static (.cur file) or an animated cursor (.ani) that you can select and apply in the Mouse Properties dialog box. Alternative, you can also try the new cursor out by going to Cursor > Use current for > Normal Select.

As for prospective PNG image files to import into either program, you can find cool cursor images in icon search engines such as FindIconsIconspedia orIconsSearch.

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Nam Libra Monkey
Tổng số bài gửi : 1390
Tiền xu Ⓑ : 3566
Được cảm ơn № : 3
Ngày khởi sự Ngày khởi sự : 07/01/2013
Đến từ Đến từ : HCMC
Côngviệc / Sởthix Côngviệc / Sởthix : Languages, Softwares, Sciences, Martial arts
on 1st August 2015, 00:58
Are you running the same mouse cursor (pointer) that came with Windows XP or Vista? How boring! If you can change your desktop wallpaper and icons, why not the cursors? Think of this: you take pains to get the best looking wallpaper, the best looking icons, use gadgets and widgets to decorate your desktop and yet none of these are visible when you are working on a document or reading a page, just like now. The only object that remains visible all the time is the mouse pointer. Infact, our eyes follow the pointer all the time. So a good looking mouse pointer is essential if you want to have a good looking desktop. Have a look at some of the most beautiful mouse pointers that I could find. Take your pick. 

1. Entis

2.Blue Glass Cursors

3. Mario Gant

4. Silver_Cursors_3D


6. Ecliz Cursors

7. DeepSky

8. Radix phantasma

9. Music Cursor: swimboy5002

10. Luna Blue - XP Cursors

11. Hoxlirium gaze

12. Incarnerry mark

13. iStyle Cursor

14. Xp bleu

15. Vista like

16. Sky cursors

17. Balder CS

18. Netlon

19. Trans Cursors

20. Sektor cursor

21. UNDERSized
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