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Nom sogou pinyin input



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Nom sogou pinyin input

Bài gửi by congdantoancau on 19th September 2014, 01:04

STEP 1: Download Sogou Pinyin in here. Then install it 
STEP 2: Download Nom data (DOC) from Tong Phuoc Khai's Database of Hanosoft
Link 1:
Link 2:
STEP 3: Copy content of Nom data (DOC) to clipboard
STEP 4: Open Sogou Pinyin Input settings

STEP 5: Chose 高級 from the left. Unmark (1). Then Click (2) to open a dialog.

Click Ok

STEP 6: In the Phrase - Notepad windows opened, press ]Crtl] + ]End] on Keyboard
And [Crtl] + [V] to paste Nomdata from clipboard to here

STEP 7: Press [Crtl] + [S] to save and click [X] button to close Notepad windows. Then click Ok to save and close Sogou Pinyin Input dialog.

Congratulations! Now you can type Nom by Sogou. Take happiness from use it!

I will update more phrase later or  you and me, we will do that work. Hope!

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